Human Resources: a true Business Capital

There is no Company without People.
Without commitment, correctness, scruple, professionalism of workers, technology would remain sterile.
For this reason D.E.A. rewards the innovative contributions, commitment and skills of its employees and collaborators, realizes refresher courses and professional upgrading courses for every level and job, supports and enhances all its collaborators.

The Quality System

D.E.A. operates according to principles of a quality system based on the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and has a Certified Quality System.
Our Company is also characterized by a careful, consolidated and shared security policy on the workplace, through the adoption of a safety management system according to the latest legislative requirements.

Corporate Constitution

Our Company adopted a Charter of Rights and Moral Duties that defines the ethical and social responsibilities of every single employee.

Team Spirit

Competitiveness comes from the Group’s strength.
As a development and consolidation base, there is (and there always must be) a shared cohesion of accountable people efforts.

Various and specific actions introduced by D.E.A. are therefore aimed to spread and improve Team Spirit, helping to give a clear and strong identity to the Company.