FERRARA, Versalis : Expansion Project for a Chemical Production Power Plant




The expansion project of the Versalis Power Plant in Ferrara has been approved and funded during the year 2014.

The project involves the construction of a fourth production line parallel to the existing three, the increase of the productive capacity of the same, and the adjustment of the auxiliary systems of the plant. The project will allow to significantly increase production capacity of EP[D]M (ethylene propylene [diene] monomer) for the Ferrara site, up to reach a production of 130 thousand tons per year.
Work will be completed by the second quarter of 2016.


D.E.A. has developed the entire project directly in local ABB facilities, facing up, closely with ABB personnel, all the problems and demands made by the end customer.
The entire project (6600 signals distributed on 18 processors and 620 pages of graphics process), provided:

Setting up a new system unit, based on technology AC800M + ABB Industrial IT 800xA.

Changing the existing project in the Plant, based on INFI 90 engineering technology: signals are exchanged with the new part.

Implementation of graphic and typical pages library in Conductor NT System (Release 2.0).

Commissioning on the Service Unity GP26 with the current Conductor NT workstations with updating operations for the two new PCU in the existing network.

D.E.A., given the tight deadlines required by the End customer, has involved an appropriate “task force” team which allowed to face up all required deadlines: configuration SW / HW, Commissioning, FAT operations and testing of all the Modbus lines.

Download the full Reference for the Versalis FERRARA project.
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